Slip Claw Issue

A slip claw happens when the back claw faces forward together with other three toes instead of backward. In this case the bird cannot stand on the perch normally (its claws are slipping) and it usually happens in baby chicks.

To fix a slip claw issue use a medical sticky paper tape and mold the foot in proper position by wrapping it with tape as shown in the picture. Be careful when you tie the toe do not tie it too much close to the leg. You need to give it some space so the bird can use it and gets used to grab the perch with it Keep the tape for at least one week and remove it. If the bird removes the tape with its beak replace it as soon as possible. Remove the tape after one week and if the claw is in the right position then nothing has to be done, issue fixed. If the claw is still facing forward instead of backward then put the tape back for one more week.

A Slip claw usually happens to single babies in the nest. It is easier to fix the Slip Claw issue when you treat the chick when it is less than 20 days old. If the chicks are more than 30 days old it is more difficult to fix the Slip Claw. You can cause a Slip Claw to the babies when you put the bands on their lag too early, before 6 days old. When you put the band with difficulty on the night of 6th day or in the morning of the 7th day usually the slipped claw issue does not occur.

I have fixed the slipped claw issue on the babies with 90% success rate using the medical tape.

Slipped Claw picture an:








Fixing a slipped claw with a sticky tape:








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Arben Bebeti