History of The American Singers Club (ASC)

The American Singers Club (ASC) was founded in 1934 in Milton, Massachusetts. The Club was started by a group of eight women breeders whose goal was to create the ideal pet canary for American homes and to develop a standard for competition. The first birds were exhibited in the Boston Show of that year. The name American Singer was adopted by vote of the members after this first show.

The American Singers Canary breed has been standardized and is the only American bred Canary known as the American Singer Border-Roller Type Songster.

American Singer is a copyrighted name and only birds bred to the standards and banded with closed, registered American Singer Bands are Genuine American Singers and can legally be called American Singers.

Primarily, the American Singer Canary is bred for song, but should be attractive also and in competition, there are points awarded for condition and conformation as well as for freedom of song and rendition. The ideal bird should have a free and harmonious song, which is pleasing to the ear, neither too loud nor too harsh, with a good variety of notes.

The members definitely adopted the method of breeding Border to Roller in 1942, but this same method was already in use by most of our members in 1935 on through the years. Our Model and 100 Point Score sheet was accepted in 1943 along with instructions for Judges and are used at all shows where American Singers are shown; only Official Judges may be used where the American Singer Club, Inc. gives patronage.

During song competition, an individual bird can earn up to 10 points for Freedom of Song, up to 60 points for Rendition of Song, up to 20 points for Conformation of Body and up to 10 points for Overall Condition for a maximum of 100 points.

Currently, “American Singers Club, Inc.” has many┬áchapters throughout the United States and also in Canada.