Food that Can Harm or Poison Your Canaries

  • Chocolate

Chocolate poisoning first affects a bird’s digestive system, causing vomiting and diarrhea. As the condition progresses the bird’s central nervous system is affected first causing seizures and eventually death

  • Apple Seeds

Apple seeds contain trace amounts of Cyanide and are poisonous to birds

  • Avocado

The skin and pit of this popular fruit had been known to cause cardiac distress and eventual heart failure in birds

  • Onions

Excessive consumption of onions causes vomiting, diarrhea and can lead to a blood condition called (anemia), which is followed by respiratory distress and eventual death

  • Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a type of fungus, and have been known to cause digestive upset in birds. Caps and stems of some varieties can induce liver failure

  • Tomato (Leaves)

The stems, vines, and leaves are highly toxic to your pet.

  • Salt

Excessive amount of salt can lead to health problems in birds, including excessive thirst, dehydration, kidney dysfunction, and death

  • Caffeine¬† (caffeinated drinks)

Caffeine causes cardiac malfunction in birds, and is associated with increased heartbeat, arrhythmia, hyperactivity, and cardiac arrest

  • Castor beans, black beans and dried Beans

Cooked beans are a favorite treat of many birds, but raw, dry bean mixes contain a poison called hemaglutin which is very toxic to birds

  • Alcohol

Alcohol’s toxic effects can begin to take hold of a bird very quickly, slowing vital body functions down to the point that they can eventually stop altogether

  • Raw egg

Raw eggs may have salmonella bacteria

  • Milk and Dairy Products

Since the Canary is not mammal doesn’t have the enzymes necessary to digest lactose, it will often pass through the bird’s digestive tract unchanged, it may draw fluids into the intestinal tract, resulting in diarrhea

  • Celery and Iceberg lettuce

They are not poisonous to your canary, but they simply have a very high water content and can sometimes lead to runny droppings

  • Bread,¬†Cookies,¬†Cake, Sugar

Although not necessarily poisonous to your canary, but they’ll make your canary FAT…

Yours in fancy,

Arben Bebeti